It means this movie is in a category all its own. You want mavericks? Todd and Dale are the newest political mavericks! Who says you need experience to be President of the United States? Oh, and judgment? Come on. Child's play. Leave it up to these two slackers to come up with a hairbrained scheme to save their AirHedz Oxygen Bar and look what happens: a comedy of errors that ends up defining who will be the next resident of the White House. Does that person have character, you ask? Well, hold on to your boot straps folks because there are a whole bunch of characters in "Running 4 President" - a comedy about politics unusual. It'll strike the funnybone after such a stressful election season (in the real world), and as an antidote to the never-ending political season. Time to get into good health and laughter is almost always good medicine.

TRAILER#1 - October 28, 2008

POSTER#1 - October 31, 2008

FLIER#1 - November 16, 2009

GALLERY#1 - (to come)

PRESS RELEASE #1 - February 19, 2007: "Vegas Filmmaker Casting New Feature Film: 'Running 4 President' a political comedy"

PRESS RELEASE #2 - November 5, 2008: "Todd & Dale, the Newest Political Mavericks, are 'Running 4 President' in 2012"

PRESS RELEASE #3 - February 16, 2009: "Running 4 President (R4P) Sneak Previews in Las Vegas, Nevada "

PRESS RELEASE #4 - November 3, 2009: "Running 4 President (R4P) Premieres in Las Vegas, Nevada, on December 15

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